School of Music

Playing a musical instrument provides both children and adults the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and self-achievement that can last a lifetime.

We teach Piano, Guitar and Drums to students of all ages.
Our Mission is to provide exceptional music education opportunities to students of all ages. We are convinced that a knowledge and appreciation of music is fundamental to the development of every individual and we believe that making music enriches both the lives of the students and the cultural environment of our community.

We also believe that learning music is a fun experience!

We offers a clean, safe, fun and affordable learning center for the entire family.

Private one-on-one music lessons by the finest and most experienced teachers.

NO Registration fees, NO Contracts, NO Hidden charges!

Private Music Lessons:


  • note reading,
  • technique,
  • repertoire,
  • performance,
  • theory,
  • ear training,
  • sight reading.

Through the art and joy of learning an instrument, students develop self-discipline, poise and confidence, and enrich our communities with their music making.

You don’t have to pretend to be a “Rock Star” like at some of the other music schools.

Our students (from 4 years old and up) will become ACCOMPLISHED MUSICIANS who can learn to play ALL STYLES of music: blues, jazz, southern rock, 7 string, funk, country, classical, pop, worship, folk, bass guitar, classic rock, heavy metal and more.

So register for your Music classes today.