Line 6 XD-V35 Handheld Digital Wireless Vocal Microphone System


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Analog wireless microphone systems are susceptible to increasing numbers of interference sources. XD-V systems operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band, which is free from interference caused by TV broadcasts, white space devices, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices. Encoded DCLTM (Digital Channel Lock) technology distinguishes XD-V digital audio from any other third-party signal, including Wi-Fi. This prevents audio interference from other 2.4GHz devices and ensures the highest signal integrity.

And if you’re confused by the license fees needed to operate an analog wireless system, don’t worry. XD-V systems are fully FCC compliant and operate license-free worldwide.

All XD-V digital wireless microphone systems are incredibly easy to set up. You can select from up to 14 channels to ensure an interference-free performance.

For more complex installations where multiple systems are in use, XD-V features channel scanning for advanced RF management. In addition, a full set of digital wireless separates and accessories are available including a remote antenna, antenna and power distribution add-ons, and more.

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